” My name is Michael Liparakis. I'm a professional photographer with a passion for food and travel photography. I have been working as a photographer since 2016 , and in 2020 I started my own photography studio, where I can express my creativity in different projects with customers all over the world ”

2013-2014 take a photography course by EFE Crete
2019 take ''art management'' course.
2019 take ''tabletop photography'' course.
2020 take ''food photography'' course.
2020 take ''light in food photography'' course.
2021 take ''wedding photography'' course.
2021 take ''wedding photography advance'' course.
2021 take ''wedding videography'' course.
2022 take ''digital marketing'' course.
2022 take ''business management'' course.
2022-2023 take ''photography and marketing'' course National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
2022-2023 take ''photography & cinema'' course
2022-2023 take ''the art of photography & technical'' course
2023-2024 take ''cinema directing'' course.
2023-present Official Airbnb Photographer

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